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Men’s Soccer Participates in Townsend Reads for the Stars at Townsend Elementary School

Copyright 2018; Wilmington University. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2018; Wilmington University. All rights reserved.

TOWNSEND, Del. - - The Wilmington University men's soccer team took time off the pitch to participate in I Love To Read Month, heading to Townsend Elementary School to help during the Townsend Reads for the Stars event.

The Wildcats were a few of the more than 150 adults (labeled VIPs) who spent time reading in the classroom alongside a child. Each of these VIPs brought one of their favorite childhood stores to read aloud and spent time afterwards answering questions from the children, ranging from books to sports to careers.

It was the second year the school has hosted a VIP reading event for the children.

Assistant Principal Kari Redding, who organized the activity, explained the event's importance.

"Children, like adults, have many demands on their time. That's why it's vital for them to see adult role models take time out of the day to stop, sit down, and read. We all know the benefits of reading aloud to children, but do we take the time out of our day to make a difference? That's the true inspiration behind our 'Townsend Reads for the Stars' event."